Master Hoi Nguyen – 7th Dan

Monday, December 28, 20157:26 PM(View: 15822)
Master Hoi Nguyen – 7th Dan
Duc dang taekwondo hoi nguyenInstructor Hoi Nguyen began his Tae Kwon-Do career in 1986 with Grand Master Dang Huy Duc. In his 31 years of martial arts training, Instructor Hoi Nguyen has studied other types of martial arts under the guidance of Grand Master Dang Huy Duc such as Kung Fu, Vietnamese Martial Arts, and weapons including: short staff, long staff, Guan Do, and sword.

Having over 31 years of continuous training in practicing and teaching martial arts, Instructor Hoi Nguyen is well qualified to train students of all levels.
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