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Grand Master Dang Huy Duc
Grand Master Dang Huy Duc
  9th Degree Black Belt- International Tae Kwon-Do Federation & World Tae Kwon-Do Alliance

  Founder of the Hwa-Rang-Kwan Martial Arts Academy in 1963
   National Champion of Vietnam in 1966

   Asian Champion in Hong Kong in 1969 - Won 3 Gold Medals in
    Forms, Sparring, and Breaking Techniques

   Former Martial Arts Instructor at the University of Southern California

   Former Director of Martial Arts Training Center of the National Police Force Headquarter of South Vietnam 

Grand Master Dang Huy Duc has over 51 years of martial arts training experience.  He has successfully trained thousands of Tae Kwon-Do martial artists, National Champions, and World Champions.

Dear family and friends,

With deepest sadness, we announce the passing of our beloved Great Grand Master Nam Tae Hi, at age 86, on November 7, 2013, in La Palma , California.

Great Grand Master Nam Tae Hi is the Father of Tae Kwon Do in Vietnam.  He is our beloved father and grandfather. Great Grand Master Nam's life's mission of spreading Tae Kwon Do throughout the world will live on in us.

Please join us in a moment of silence to honor him.

Grand Master Dang Huy Duc

The philosophy and mission of the Hwa Rang Kwan
Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts is a way of life that cultivates a noble spirit, a sense of self-discipline, and physical fitness.

Martial Arts involve aspects of philosophy, mediation, and spirituality; in addition to aspects of physical
strength, competitiveness, and victory.

The principles of Martial Arts can be applied to all aspects of life.  For any area of specialty, we need to develop a solid foundation and genuine competency at an advanced level.  Thus, we will have self-confidence and awareness of our weaknesses and strengths, in order to improve and progress in our area of specialty.

The ideals of a Martial Arts Student:
courteous - honesty - humility - patience - calmness - independence - indomitable spirit - gratitude

            Kim-Anh Nguyen Dang
  • National Forms Champion Memphis, TN 2013 (Gold Medalist)
  • Adult black belt National Weapons Champion Memphis, TN 2013 (Gold Medalist)
  • National Sparring Finalist Memphis, TN 2013 (Silver Medalist)

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